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Barista Course

Learn everything coffee! For coffee enthusiasts and beginners, budding baristas and aspiring coffee shop owners alike!

Barista Course

Want to learn about the fascinating world of coffee, develop your barista skills or open your own coffee shop? Whatever your goal, our Barista Course has plenty to offer.

Reach the level of a highly-skilled working barista in just 5 days.

Learn brewing methods, latte art, coffee flair & lots more through hands-on training with expert instructors. No previous experience required, just a passion for coffee and a desire to learn!

Professional barista training for
coffee lovers

Coffee Bean


In depth knowledge of the coffee bean to roasting to

the cup.

Image by Alesia Kazantceva



Familiarise yourself with operating the coffee machine and making all the different types of coffee.



Coffee Making

Preparation of latte art development and customer service.

Course Highlights

Discover the coffee industry from a barista point of view during this  intensive 5-day course.


Our expert barista trainers will teach you all the fundamental barista skills including grinder setting, milk handling and latte art through practical training sessions, using top-level professional equipment. By the end of the course, you’ll be at the level of a skilled working barista, able to work confidently in a busy barista environment.

For established baristas, you will develop and enhance your existing skill set as we’ll cover advanced techniques including coffee flair, complex brewing methods, extraction, flavour development and more.

Why is this course for you?

Reach the level of a skilled speciality coffee barista

Start working as a barista immediately after your course

Add some skills to your CV

Learn how to make the perfect espresso, latte,
cappuccino and more.

Become confident with using all coffee-making equipment

Develop your latte art skills

Enhance your existing coffee-making skills and

boost your career

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