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Mixology Course

Learn to make your own craft cocktails using quality alcohlic and non alcoholic products and advanced techniques. Learn mixology today at Drop Imports to grow your hopsitality restaurants or bars.

Preparing Cocktails
Cocktail Course

Jump into the fascinating world of mixology and create your own products and modern twists on classic cocktails.


Study the remarkable history of cocktails and bartending, from the pre-prohibition era to marvelous contemporary cocktails. This is our most popular course as it is fantastically complex and you receive a mixology certificate at the end of it.

Boost your bartending knowledge and get inspired by our Mixology Course
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A big part of the course will focus on making products that form the basis of a lot of incredible cocktails. From simple sugar syrups to very complex liquors. You will learn the knowledge of each product that is essential to fantastic cocktail making.

Bartender Pouring Cocktail

Cocktail Demonstration

We will demonstrate a variety of cocktails from everything we learned in the theory section to practical cocktail making. 

You will learn all the advanced techniques and skill methods to transform your cocktails.



Cocktail Making

This is where all the theory and the technique part of the course join into a practical section. You will create your own cocktails from everything you have been taught and acquire elegant preparation and garnishing techniques.

Course Highlights

The Mixology Course is an opportunity for talented bartenders or individuals to introduce themselves to the fascinating world of mixology.

You’ll learn about the origins of bartending, remarkable products, techniques, and modern-day twists on classic cocktails. After your course, you’ll have a brand new outlook on the craft and will be able to wow customers with your knowledge and skills.

Why is this course for you?

Craft modern-day twists on classic cocktails

Have a welcome drink with other students

Learn about different methods, techniques,
and equipment

15 hours of instructor-led training

Learn about The Golden Age of cocktails

Receive an attendance certificate

Create your own foams, syrups, cordials

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