Antica Sambuca 38%

Antica Sambuca 38%

Antica Sambuca is an iconic Italian sambuca brand whose heritage goes back to 1868, a

product of exceptional character, developed and custom-made by Rossi D’ Asiago in the valley

between the Dolomites and Venice. It is stylishly packaged standing out as a premium product

on the shelves. Antica Sambuca is a unique brand with many facets – versatile as a shot, “on

the rocks”, in cocktails and mixed drinks or for refining desserts. The special features, but also

the high quality of natural and selected ingredients such as star anise, herbs and spices, make

Antica Sambuca the most-awarded Sambuca of recent years.


Available range

• Antica Sambuca - Classic

• Antica Sambuca - Raspberry

• Antica Sambuca - Coffee

• Antica Sambuca - Liquorice