Bob's Your Uncle Merlot

Bob's Your Uncle Merlot

Remember the wine in the beer bottle, well it has grown up now.


Once in a blue Moon Merlot, is for those that love a medium to full bodied wine with low tannins. Soft and velvety this is a very easy drinking wine with fruity notes of plum.


A Perfect Storm Sauvignon Blanc, is clean light and refreshing. This crisp dry wine is full of of flavour and perfect as an everyday wine.


Head over Heels Cab Sav/Merlot, is a wine for those that love a rich palate, full of flavours of blackcurrants, chocolate and slight hint of mocha, this is a lovely smooth well balanced blend.


Available Range

  • Once in a blue Moon Merlot
  • A Perfect Storm Sauvignon Blanc
  • Head over Heels Cab Sav/Merlot
  • Fat Cat Chenin