City Of London Distillery

City Of London Distillery

The City of London Distillery brought gin distilling back to the City in 2012 after an absence of nearly 200 years. Our multi-award winning gins don’t just look beautiful, they taste beautiful too. During the Gin Craze in the 18th century, there was a gin distillery or gin shop in every street in the City, benefiting from the spices and citrus fruits coming into the port of London.


Over the next century, famine, taxation and government regulation took their toll and “The Gin Craze” ended. No gin distilleries survived, and for nearly 200 years there wasn’t a single gin distillery in the City.


Square Mile Gin 47.3%

Launched in 2016 and named after the City of London that we call our home, this gin is undeniably at home in classic gin-led cocktails. It excels in Martinis, White Ladies, Gimlets and Collins. With a higher ABV of 47.3% it shines through against bold flavours and still delivers a solid punch.


Christopher Wren Gin 45.3%

Inspired by the architecture of famed London architect Sir Christopher Wren, this gin celebrates the buildings that make up the iconic skyline of London’s city centre. A collaboration with the then-Master-Distiller of Tanqueray, Tom Nichol, this gin again represents a very classic London Dry expression. This time focusing on just one citrus - dried orange peel - the profile is rounded with the earthy spice and bitter-sweet balance taking centre stage.


Old Tom Gin 43.3%

An older style of gin pre-dating London Dry, Old Tom was born as a response to poor quality alcohol being produced in people’s own homes in London. Sugar and strongly spiced botanicals were added to make it more palatable and to hide the flavour of impurities in the spirit.