Da Luca Prosecco Pink

Da Luca Prosecco Pink

A celebration that’s truly Italian

Da Luca is proud to be Italian. Like the passion and boldness that is exuded from this beautiful country, our Prosecco echoes the effortless style and joie de vivre attitude the Italians are so fondly known for. The rich landscapes, the passionate people, the smell of citrus and homemade sauce and an overall ambiance that perfectly demonstrates a lust for life – this is the heart and soul of Da Luca.


With our rich wine-making heritage and creative flair, we take pride in producing a bold, distinctive Prosecco, that is unmistakeably Sicilian. Working with small, passionate growers in Northern Italy to nurture the finest grapes, the unique growing conditions of the hot Sicilian sun, the cool sea breeze and the rich, volcanic soil make for the perfect environment that gives Da Luca Prosecco its sweet, lingering taste with wonderful peach and apricot aromas, it has a fresh and zingy palate with just a touch of sweetness and a clean finish.


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