Sidekick Cookies & Cream Liqueur 15.5%

Sidekick Cookies & Cream Liqueur 15.5%

Sidekick is more than just a shot. It can be easily blended into your favourite milkshake or poured over your ice cream, why not mix it with a cappuccino or latte or simply enjoy over crushed ice.


Cookies & Cream

The nation’s favourite, deliciously moreish, Sidekick Cookies & Cream replicates

the taste of freshly baked cookies, crumbled and swirled into a rich smooth cream.


Strawberries & Cream

A twist on a true summer classic, this is decadence in a bottle, Sidekick

Strawberries & Cream combines strawberries with velvety cream - if you have a

sweet tooth you’ll love it! Think Adult milkshakes…..Yummy


Toffee Caramel

The mouth-watering Sidekick Toffee Caramel has a buttery delicious flavour.